Corporate overview
Centre for Paper Art
Nordic Center of Psaligraphy and Paper Art

800 m2


"In order to realize this project, we needed a partner who could commit themselves to our ambitious entrepreneurial project, seize our artistic ideas and with limited means both design and build the physical surroundings to frame psaligraphy and paper art.

Bit Vejle, psaligraph artist and CEO of Centre for Paper Art

The creation of a one-of-a-kind art centre

The ambitious entrepreneurial project included a thorough renovation of the building, where the ceiling was raised by 2.5 m in the 225 m2 core exhibition presenting Bit Vejles world-famous psaligraphic work. After only 3 months of hard work the art center could open as a beautiful experience universe with a modern, minimalist look with changing exhibitions, a café, a shop and a paper workshop. In time Centre for Paper Art may evolve into a real museum that preserves and exhibits paper art for posterity.